9 Tips for your winter skincare routine

tips for winter skincare

Do you know that your skin is very well equipped for adjusting to cold winter weather? Healthy undamaged skin produces so called hydrolipidic film that consists of fatty acids and lipids serving as natural protection from the elements.

The best you can do for your skin in the cold winter months is to support this natural function and its self-regeneration abilities.

Unfortunately, only few of us keep in mind that by not-adjusting our summer skincare routine and making uninformed skincare and food choices we do exactly the opposite - we damage the protective layer and disturb its recovery.

ZAYA has put together a list of clear and not overwhelming tips for you to keep your skin in balance till warm weather hits the city again!

Choose your skincare products wisely:

  1. Be extra cautious with regular creams and moisturizers. They contain water that will freeze at negative temperatures and damage your skin.
  2. You winter skincare products should be based on natural vegetable oils high in essential fatty acids and vitamins (especially A, B, E, C and D). They will support the skin hydrolipidic balance and its natural ability to resist the negative effect of the elements. Natural bee wax and vegan waxes (extracted from the leaves of the plants) form protective barrier on the surface of the skin still allowing it to breath.
  3. If you do decide to use cream that contains water, apply it well in advance before going outside (allow minimum of 30 minutes), and opt for creams that were developed specially for cold winter weather (they tend to contain natural oils and butters along with vitamins and plant extracts for additional skin nourishment).

Best food choices:

  1. Drink as much water as you can. It will regulate and support the production of skin oil (called sebum) that lubricates and protects skin.
  2. Go for foods rich in essential fatty acids (raw nuts, seeds, avocado and fish).
  3. Eat as much fresh and organic fruits and vegetables as you can. Rich with antioxidants and vitamins they will make your skin healthier.
  4. Don't forget to include superfood like kale, chia seeds, spinach, hemp hearts, cranberries and beets to name just a few. They will bring the cocktail of important and powerful nutrients to your body pampering the skin from inside.

While you are at home:

  1. Consider getting a humidifier. Heating dries the air making our home environment not healthy for our skin and hair.
  2. Even if you are cold do not take hot shower. It will dry the skin even more. Always opt for warm comfortable temperatures during harsh winter season to avoid extra stress for the skin.

Follow these simple rules and you will notice the difference in how your skin looks and feels during cold winter months.

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