How to refresh your look in a minute

Body oil, bath sponge, red soap bar, blush, make up brush collage on a towel

Did you know that ZAYA Face and Body oil blends are your “go to” essentials for the most important outings?

This is how it sometimes goes in our busy lives. We are hoping to book ourselves a nice spa treatment a day or two before the exciting night, or simply planning to have a relaxed afternoon to get ready with no rush. Then something gets in the way, and all of a sudden we are extremely stressed, tired and left with less than half-an-hour to look and feel like never before.

Don’t panic! We’ve got something for you. With ZAYA natural and organic oil blends you are able to bring back the healthy glow to your skin and look radiant within minutes.

Here are five simple steps for your miracle skin makeover this Valentine’s Day or for any Special occasion:

  • STEP 1: Start with refreshing shower with ZAYA Beauty bar soap to warm up and clean your skin making it ready for nourishing cocktail of plant-based oils.
  • STEP 2: While your skin is still damp gently massage ZAYA Body oil blend into your body enjoying its velvety touch and uplifting scent. These are the moments for yourself –connect to your sensuality and bring out your Playful diva.
  • STEP 3: Devote some precious moments to your skin in your face. Prepare it for the fabulous night by applying a pump or two of ZAYA Face oil blend – use your fingertips of damp cotton disk. Light - weight and easy to absorb, it will leave natural healthy glow on your skin. You won’t need to wait to see the results – enjoy your radiant new look in the mirror within a minute after application.
  • STEP 4: Time to dress up now! Before you do that, take a moment to appreciate how amazingly fast ZAYA Body blend got absorbed by your skin, leaving behind smooth silky feeling that would last you for hours. If your outfit happen to be fine silk camisole, you might want to wait for another couple of minutes, otherwise you are good to go.
  • STEP 5: Last, but not least – your make up!Whatever you choose as your base (if any) will do better on ZAYA Face oil blend. Your skin will stay moisturized, letting the makeup products lye perfectly on your skin through the night. So, wear your look and be sure it’s fabulous!

Follow these simple steps for body and face makeover with ZAYA natural and organic skincare blends. Let your Charisma shine!

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