Zaya Oils, Organic Natural Skincare Oil Blends

We are so excited to announce that after many months of fascinating work we are officially introducing our first natural skin care oil blends to you!

Each product is carefully selected combination of vegetable and essential oils that that will make you skin look nourished and glowing. Our products are made in our own facility in Toronto, Canada. We take pride in using 100% natural, wild crafted and organic ingredients, choosing environmentally friendly packaging and being respectful to our Planet. And that is not all!

We’ve got an unexpected turn for you! How about the cosmetic line that not only takes care of your skin in the most gentle and natural way, but also serves as an inspiration? Well, that is exactly about Zaya Oils! In ZAYA we believe in elegant beauty, and first of all, in women’s beauty, in the magic of their personality and spirit. Our products are on the mission to remind you Ladies that you deserve to shine, to be cherished and loved! Each oil blend that we create carries its own unique “character” and inspires you to feel beautiful and look gorgeous every day!

We hope that you are intrigued and curious! Explore our “haute couture” collection of natural oil blends and get inspired!

ZAYA team.