Skincare tips for dry and sensitive hands

Help the skin on your hands to rejuvenate. Zaya Nail &Hand Oil

For the last couple of months our followers reached us several times regarding one particular concern — very dry and sensitive hands, sometimes with the skin damaged to the point of being cracked and sore.

To us it is a very sensitive and delicate topic — for one main reason. There are cases when a skin condition is caused by various internal body imbalances. Typical examples would be eczema or dermatitis. In this case the emphasis should be placed on healing the body from inside with proper professional support. Skincare products cannot be the key factor in solving the issue, although they play an important supportive role.

If you are not prompt to any kind of medical condition (which we hope is the case), let's face it — even healthy skin gets tired of extremely low temperatures (so persisting this winter in Toronto), constant humidity swings, cold wind gusts, dry air at our homes.

Not surprisingly, our hands often suffer the most. Not only they are exposed to the elements, but also they are responsible for doing so much work for us! In winter we keep on cleaning houses, handling bags from the grocery stores, fixing shoe laces for our Little Ones (yes, get hoop and loop shoes for those adorable little feet), etc… That means double burden on our gentle, caring and hardworking hands.

Is there something you could do to bring comfort back to your hands? Totally! Maintaining proper skincare routine and be mindful of your skin while running errands is the way to go.

In this post we did our best to put together a brief, but meaningful list of skincare recommendations. Try to follow them on the regular basis. It will help to restore the balance of your skin — whether it is just a seasonal condition, or more serious issue that should be addressed with the help of health practitioners.

  • When you are dealing with dry, sensitive or damaged skin, the main goal of your skincare routine is to support the skin's natural ability to recover, gently moisturize and nurture it with good "stuff" (essential fatty acids, vitamins, plant extracts, etc.). Therefore, give your preference to natural/organic skincare products (whether these are oil blends, creams, lotions or soap). It does matter for your skin! Mass market skincare products are packed with chemicals (see our Bad Guys List post 1 and 2) that add extra burden onto your skin on its way to natural regeneration.
  • Before applying any new skincare product always test it on the little spot of your skin. It is called a "patch test" and generally is a good practice for everybody. For people with skin sensitivities it is simply a must. Apply the product, wait and see how the skin reacts. If nothing makes your suspicious, than the product is good to go on the whole intended area.
  • Always switch to winter-appropriate skincare products in colder months. Never apply cream before going outside. Majority of creams and moisturizers contain water that freezes in the pores of the skin damaging it even more. Heavier cream can be used in times when you are not planning to go out to the cold for a couple of hours or before bedtime.
  • That is where oil-based products (oil blends and oil-based serums) get into play. They have lots of benefits when used throughout the year for various skin types, however, in winter oil-based skincare becomes a necessity for majority of people (even though very few knows about it). Oils can be applied and left on the skin at the negative temperatures, used as a emergency treatment after being in the cold, and be a part of daily skincare routine.

We are often asked if ZAYA Nail Oil can be used for hand care. Yes, for sure! There are oils in this blend that are particularly helpful in fighting with hand dryness and promoting skin recovery:

  • Avocado oil — loaded with vitamins, fatty acids and chlorophyll. Saver-oil for dry damaged skin and cracked nails.
  • Organic olive oil is well known for its revitalizing properties. Rich in fatty acids it is perfect for replenishing and softening the skin.
  • Apricot kernel oil — apart from essential fatty acids, very high in "skin" vitamins A, B, C and F. Perfect for "under-nurtured" skin lacking vitamins.
  • Organic Ylang-Ylang essential oil has a balancing effect on the skin. Due to its antiseptic properties it provides gentle support to the healing process.
  • Organic Lemon essential oil is promoting the polished and healthy look of the skin and nails.

A caring word of caution for those who suspect they have essential oils sensitivity or just have very damaged and/or cracked skin. We empathize on the importance of patch test for ZAYA products as well as for all skincare products. Take gentle and mindful approach. Do not rush when it come to your health.

Be well, feel beautiful and stay tuned for our next post for more helpful tips on your hands well-being.