The Top 5 ways to be kind to your hands

The Top 5 ways to be kind to your hands

In our last post we have made several simple skincare recommendations in attempt to address very common concern — sensitive, dry and sometimes damaged skin on the hands.

Taking this a bit further, we’d like to bring your attention to the other important aspect of good hands care. How you do things around the house and in your daily routine make a huge difference for the condition of your hands. Cleaning the house, stepping out to grab coffee, fueling the car, washing dishes — just the simple examples of daily activities that potentially can make the life of our hands harder.

We formulated 5 simple “everywhere/everyday” rules that will help to get some relief for your hands, especially while the temperatures outside are so unmerciful to our skin.

  1. Do not use cold or hot water when washing your hands — always opt for warm comfortable temperatures.
  2. Reasonably minimize the duration of time when your hands are in contact with water. If you skin is prompt to allergic rashes or eczema, do not take very long showers/baths. It will have a drying effect on your skin and you might feel itchiness and discomfort after. Generally, it is not a good idea to take long and hot showers in winter time, when your skin needs to endure so many temperature and humidity swings.
  3. Make sure your hands do not get in contact with household chemicals — they are very harmful for the skin. Set a rule of always (no exceptions here) wear protective household gloves when you do your work around the house (washing dishes, loading your dishwasher, mopping, dusting, etc).
  4. Switch to vegetable soap (hand made natural soap made of oils). Regular soap is very drying for the skin. Stay away from liquid soap and cleansing foam in the public bathrooms. They are just loaded with chemical and have nothing to do with proper skin cleansing.
  5. Always keep your hands in the warmth when you are outside in colder months, even if you are just stepping out for coffee, filling your car with gas or windshield liquid. Wear gloves.

Make an effort to implement these simple steps in your everyday routine, and see how much difference it will make for your beautiful and hardworking hands!