Ways to use ZAYA Nail Oil. Quick and effective DIY hand scrub recipe.

ZAYA natural organic nail oil how to use

When it comes to natural skincare oils many people get excited about them, but only a few know how to incorporate them into their daily skincare routine.

With ZAYA natural skincare oils you won’t  to have any hesitation – all our natural and organic oils are easy to use, multi functional and can be easily incorporated into your preferred skincare regimen. And, we are happy to share helpful tips on how to do it.

Let’s have a closer look at ZAYA Nail oil – natural and organic oil curated for nail, cuticle and hand (yes, it is that multi functional) care. Here are your options with this amazing lightweight and easy to absorb oil:

  • For luxury manicure and pedicure treatments. Use ZAYA Nail oil to soften your cuticles before manicure and distribute several drops of it all over your hands as an after manicure deep moisturizing treatment. Made with lightweight easy to absorb plant oils, it will jump into your skin within a couple of minutes leaving your skin soft and silky. Don’t forget to drop the bottle of ZAYA Nail oil into your purse before heading to a SPA salon. Ask your manicure lady to put aside that conventional product she is using on everybody’s hands. Trust us – she will love applying ZAYA Nail oil on your nails and hands. As a bonus you both will be indulging into uplifting and flirty scent of Lemon and Ylang-Ylang essential oils combination.
  • As your daily hand cream mighty alternative. Use ZAYA natural and organic Nail oil instead of your daily hand cream after making your hands work extremely hard – a day in the garden, packing boxes, hours of housework, not keeping your hands warm and cozy at freezing winter temperatures, your name it! At times like that you need something more powerful than water-based cream to restore the hydro-lipoid balance, skin elasticity and protect your hands looking dull, overworked and tired.
  • In combination with your daily hand cream. Combine you ZAYA natural and organic Nail oil with your daily hand cream to create rich and highly nutritive hand elixir with light creamy texture. Add a couple of drops of ZAYA Nail oil to your ZAYA Hand Cream and mix them in the bottom of you palm. Spread all over your hands. Use this easy recipe every time your skin needs a bit more nutrients, but not asking for complete oil care regimen.
  • To make effective all natural hand scrub with this easy DIY recipe. Finally, we’ve got a real bonus for you. Use ZAYA Nail Oil to create a simple DIY hand scrub that will leave your hand skin as soft and rejuvenated for days. The only two ingredients you will need (and most likely, always have the handy at your kitchen) are sugar and lemon. Yes, it is that easy!

Take a small bowl, add couple of table spoons of sugar. Then blend in lemon juice and ZAYA natural and organic Nail oil to achieve desired consistency (easy to spread texture). Mix well together and let the blend sit in the bowl for a couple of minutes. The scrub is ready to use! Massage it gently all over your hands and elbows. Do not rush through this – your hands are doing so much for you on the daily basis, so this the time to give back your love and care to them! When you feel it is enough, just wash the scrub off with warm water (do not use cold or hot water on your hands when you can – it damages your skin), and wipe them dry with a towel. You don’t need to apply any moisturizer – your skin is already indulging and benefiting from the cocktail of essential fatty acids and vitamins that ZAYA Nail oil has to offer.

By the way, if you’ve made enough to give this special pleasure to your feet, they will be forever grateful to you too. You can put cotton socks on your feet after washing the scrub of your feet and dry them with the towel.

Get ZAYA Nail oil  and have those four hand care alternatives at the tip of fingers daily!