ZAYA OILS – Inspirational Skincare

Elegant and unique beauty

We have decided to dedicate this post to ZAYA brand, to Inspiration and… to You Ladies! You would hesitate, where is the connection? Well, you'll be surprised!

Traditionally, manufacturers stress on natural and organic origin of their products, as well as on the health benefits of their product compositions. Trying to distinguish themselves from the “conventional” mass market skincare products they tell the story of finding their own paths to natural skincare. Through their own negative experience with mass market cosmetic products, fights with allergies, skin irritation, and finally creating the product of their own.

We've gone this path ourselves. But… inspired by our beliefs and our unique team spirit we decided to take it further! Beyond natural – that’s our credo. To us being 100% natural and organic, using only body-friendly “green” ingredients, being environmentally friendly in our packaging choices is just the foundation.

This base allows us to share our belief – the belief in elegant and unique women’s beauty. The beauty that is showing off through so many amazing details: facial lines and expressions, characters and personalities, ever changing emotions and moods. And most importantly, through the way a woman feels about herself! No matter what happens in her life, she deserves to enjoy all faces of her own beauty, feeling confident and irresistibly charming!

“ZAYA OILS” all natural and organic oil blends are bringing elegant beauty to the world of natural skincare. It is inspiring women to cherish their unique personalities, charm and beauty.

Each character on Zaya Oil blends unique packaging is inspired by the scent of essential oils combination and our inner feeling of the product. Similar to the creation of the oil blend, the creation of its Goddess (as we call them) is very exciting and meticulous process filled with love and admiration! We say that each ZAYA oil blend has the “body” and “soul”. Our Goddesses carry the energy of the oil blends to you through their looks, inspiring you to stay in love with yourself!

Ladies, our product line is all about you! Make yourselves the precious gift of feeling and looking beautiful, naturally!

Stay inspired with ZAYA Oils!