Natural companions for your skin

ZAYA – modern toxin-free skincare – versatile and easy to use, 100% safe and performing. We offer exclusively natural products that work wonders on fatigued and sensitive skin.

Easy to fit in any skincare ritual you already have, they effortlessly become your skin’s most trustful companions.

Zaya owners and co-founders

A Note from our Founders

We firmly believe that each woman is an authentic blend of wit, passion, character and elegance that deserves admiration in a unique way. Our skincare line combines ancient natural beauty secrets used by Slavic women for centuries with modern “green” skincare science. Every ZAYA product is a harmony of finest natural ingredients, sophisticated scents, silky textures, and distinct characters. No filler, no toxins, and no miracles – just a few of the nature’s best ingredients working intelligently to enhance the miracle that is your skin.

– Ekaterina & Anna
Zaya soap and cream
Zaya body oils
Zaya facial detox mask

Our Products

ZAYA oil blends, creams, detox facial masks and vegan soaps will quickly become a favorite part of your daily skincare regimen.
  • You will love feeling the finest botanical extracts and revitalizing plant oils getting to work to revitalize your skin as soon as you apply them.
  • You will love sensing the velvety textures and sophisticated aromas so much that you may a hard time stopping.
  • You will love knowing that your skin is caressed by responsibly sourced, sustainable products, free of toxins, irritants and carcinogens.

Our Manufacturing

  • We are Local – All our products are made in Toronto, Canada at a dedicated facility that treats our employees fairly and spares no expenses in quality control.
  • We are Smart – The product mixtures are carefully developed by the team of PhD chemists with decades of applied experience in the natural skincare science.
  • We are Picky – We do our research and incorporate only those ingredients that actually make a difference to your skin, in the most natural and gentle way.
  • We are Sustainable – Our manufacturing is cruelty free, vegan and environmentally friendly.

Our Packaging

  • Beautiful, for a Reason – Our bottles are made from stunning high-quality violet glass that protects against the ageing processes released by visible light. You can be sure that the potency of our products will not decrease over time.
  • Practical and Transportable – The caps on the bottle pumps are there to protect from accidental oil leak.
  • Tough, yet Responsible – Our labels are recyclable, yet withstand direct contact with water.