Complete Facial Care System

Sample Kit

Simple and effective Facial care system offers what you skin needs the most – to be gently cleansed, well-moisturized and revitalized. Sample kit includes:

  • Balancing Face Oil, 3.5 ml
  • Detox Powder Mask for dry and mature skin, 5 g
  • Natural Face Cream, 5 ml
Skincare benefits

Detox Powder Mask

Savior for skin exposed to city pollutants
  • Formulated with nurturing oats, detoxifying seaweed, hydrating clays and toning coriander, the mask acts as non-drying natural detoxifier and gentle facial exfoliator
  • Grants no mercy to skin toxins and impurities
  • Naturally promotes skin cells renewal by delicate exfoliating and stimulating blood circulation
  • Brings much needed microelements into your skin, leaving your face youthful and refreshed
  • Gently removes dead skin cells, giving a way to the new ones

Balancing Face Oil

Mighty radiance booster for all skin types
  • Instantly provides nourished and radiant look
  • Balances out sebum production
  • Protects from environmental toxins and impurities
  • Locks moisture in still allowing the skin to “breath”
  • Delivers the cocktail of essential fatty acids and vitamins to epidermis
  • Minimizes trans-epidermal water loss

Natural Face Cream

Active hydrator for stressed skin 
  • Provides long-lasting hydration
  • Improves skin texture
  • Makes fine lines less prominent
  • Promotes clean and youthful appearance of your skin
  • Maintains soft and supple feeling of the skin

Detox Powder mask

Seaweed powder*, Moroccan Lava clay, White clay, Coriander powder*

Face Oil

Sesame seed oil*, Evening Primrose oil*, Grape seed oil, Sweet Almond oil*, Wheat germ oil, Camellia Seed Oil*, Rosewood essential oil, Geranium essential oil

Natural Face Cream

Aqua, Jojoba oil*, Raspberry oil*, Evening Primrose oil*, Neem wax, Wheat germ oil, Willow-herb extract, Glycerol, Sodium PCA, Glyceryl Stearate, Honeysuckle extract, Ylang-Ylang essential oil*

* Organic

ZAYA Facial products contain 100% natural and organic ingredients. No mineral oils. Vegan. Not tested on animals.

How to use

Once per week – detox, moisturize and revitalize

Step 1: Mix 1 tsp. of Detox Mask with warm water and blend well.

Step 2: Apply evenly to clean, dry face (avoid eye and mouth areas). Gently massage your face in circular uplifting motion. Wait 15 minutes or until dry.

Step 3: Rinse off with warm water or wet washcloth (allow time for the mask to soften first).

Step 4: Follow with ZAYA Face Oil to complete the detox treatment. Use once per week.

*Temporarily skin redness is normal.

Daily - moisturize and protect

Boost your Face Cream with a couple of drops of Face Oil when your skin as dryer than normal, or feels fatigued.

In colder months use the Face Oil on its own to protect your skin from the elements when going outside and prevent excessive loss of moisture.

Use Face Oil underneath the make-up layer or mix it with your foundation daily or when you expect a longer night out to keep your skin protected, moisturized and looking flawless.