Complete Hand & Hair Care

Sample Kit
$15.00 USD

Properties to love for

Give your hardworking hands and beautiful hair the loving care that they deserve with this complete hand & hair care set.

Sample kit includes:

  • Natural Hand Cream, 5 ml
  • Hand and Nail Oil (hand cream smart booster & hand treatment), 3.5 ml
  • Hair Oil (scalp soothing & hair repairing treatment), 3.5 ml

Natural Hand Cream

  • Enriched with softening Sweat Almond oil, soothing Jojoba oil and restorative Sea Buckthorn berry extract.
  • Hydrates and softens rough skin, leaves no chances to irritating dryness.
  • Silky texture provides long lasting skin conform.
  • Made with unique plant-based preservatives and emulsifiers to say “NO!” to carcinogens, irritants and toxins — what goes on your skin, goes into your body.

 Hand and Nail Oil

  • Hand cream smart booster – just a couple of drops of this oil blend into your cream creates rich revitalizing cocktail of vitamins, essential fatty acids and active botanicals with lightweight creamy texture.
  • Applied on its own this divine blend of 8 natural and organic plant oils defeats stubborn hands dryness and helps minor manicure cuts to heal.
  • Pure spa in the bottle, it provides luxurious mani-pedi experience, softening and bringing back healthy look and luster to the nails.
  • Easy to absorb formula allows quick on-the-go hand care.

 Hair Oil

  • 100% true natural hair and scalp product — no parabens, sulphates, phthalates or any other synthetic ingredients.
  • Lustrous, strong hair and healthy scalp after the first use.
  • Relieves itching and irritation and balances sebum production and making the skin on the head look healthy and clear.
  • Essential product for stimulating and nurturing luxurious scalp massage.
Ingredients to adore

Natural Hand Cream

Aqua, Jojoba oil*, Neem wax, Sweet Almond oil*, Wheat germ oil, glycerol, NaPCA, Glyceryl stearate, Honeysuckle extract, Sea Buckthorn CO2 extract, Lemon essential oil*, Ylang-Ylang essential oil*

Hand and Nail Oil

Sweet Almond oil*, Avocado oil, Olive oil*, Apricot kernel oil*, Wheat germ oil, Rice bran oil, Lemon essential oil*, Ylang-Ylang essential oil*

Hair Oil

Jojoba seed oil*, Sweet Almond oil*, Rice bran oil, Macadamia nut oil*, Ylang-Ylang essential oil*, Patchouli essential oil*, Lavender essential oil*

* Organic

ZAYA Hand and Hair care products contains organic, natural and eco-certified ingredients. No carcinogenic ingredients. No mineral oils. No synthetic fragrances. No animal testing. Vegan.

Usage tips

Daily or as needed -hydrate, moisturize and protect:

  • Use Hand cream daily on its own or boost it with a couple of drops of Hand and Nail oil elixir when your skin as dryer than normal, or feels overworked.
  • Use Nail and Hand oil for luxurious mani-pedi experience before trimming and shaping your cuticles.
  • Use Hair Oil for intense hair and scalp regenerative program — apply several drops directly to scalp and hair ends. Massage for a couple of minutes. Wash off with shampoo in 20 minutes. Repeat 2 times per week for 4–5 weeks in spring and fall or when your scalp and hair need intensive support.